My Hair Care Routine

My hair has been through the ringer between the bleach and extensions, and with all of the heat and styling etc, it’s been extremely important to take care of my hair more than ever. I’ve condensed most of what I have learned over the years of being extremely high maintenance.

Hair routine:

Starting off with what I use, I think it’s important to realize that product quality makes a difference!! I used to not care what I was using because I did not understand that sulfate and other harsh chemicals strip your hair’s color faster and cheap ingredients just coat your hair to make it feel soft after using but the moisture goes away quickly. 

The Shampoo I use

The Conditioner I use

The Leave In Spray I use

I try to use olaplex treatment twice a month. That’s a more sustainable routine. I switch every other wash off with a conditioner and a hair masque just to keep my blonde hair looking healthier.

After washing, if you can air dry do that, but most of us usually need to blow dry due to a time constraint. I usually try to air dry 80% then blow dry the rest to save time. I always use products before blow drying while my hair is wet so it can be absorbed into the cuticle. I usually use a leave in conditioner, brush with a wet brush then blow dry in sections with a ventilated brush.

The <a rel=”noreferrer noopener” href=”http://<a target=”_blank” href=”″>Wet Brush Pro Epic Quick Dry Hair Brush</a>""brush I use

I usually put hair oil in after blow drying, my fave is the moroccan oil

I love the smell of this stuff

I usually wash twice a week or every 4-5 days, it saves time and is less work overall. I go between washes with dry shampoo, and I use it everyday between washes. Also when not conditioning as often, using a hair oil on your ends will keep your hair less frizzy and dry.

I know people love and hate Batiste but I find that it truly absorbs more than other high end dry shampoo I have used

My all time favorite hair dryer!

Hair Care Tips for Healthier Hair:

  • Sleep on a silk pillowcase, it’s better for your hair and skin because there is less friction created while sleeping.
love going to sleep on these
  • Dry with cotton or a T-Shirt and don’t just rub your hair vigorously, just squeeze the excess water out.
  • Use hair ties that don’t cause breakage like silk scrunchies or the wide hair ties made of elastic.
I used to use bobble brand hair ties but these dont tangle or rip out your hair
  • Take care of your scalp, if you have a lot of product buildup from less washing, use a cleansing or exfoliating product. Here is a scalp brush I like.
feels like a scalp massage
  • The obvious is to not dye your hair, but realistically, just dye your hair less often.
  • Limit heat, try to go more days without washing to wear your style for longer!


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  1. Aditi Pandit says:

    Wow.. much needed information.. keep posting more.


  2. Aditi Pandit says:

    Very nice blog.. much needed information.keep posting more.


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