Dying My Sisters Hair Billie Eilish Green

My younger sister wanted the typical e-girl curtain bang hair trend but with a twist – in my lime green. (Influenced by Tik Tok)

She had natural virgin hair so we bleached it for about 35 minutes to get to a level 8 or 9 before putting the color one. We chose to use Arctic Fox in color Iris Green because it was more bright then the other semi color hair dye out there. This def came out to be a green similar to Billie Eilish’s hair.

To bleach hair at home you need:

Check List

-bleach and developer (we used Manic Panic)

– The color of choice (we used Arctic Fox line, they have the most color options at Ulta)

– A mixing bowl and brush (two sets of each)

-2 gloves (one for bleach one for color)

– tshirt you dont care to stain because the color doesn’t wash out easily

– hair dryer to dry in between so you can see how light the bleach processes

– I used foil to lighten her hair since it’s naturally so dark and a hair dryer to process it quicker

After bleaching, you want to check every 10 minutes to see how light it has processed, once you get to a bright blonde shade— we washed and blow dried then put the green pigment on pretty thick. Make sure every strand is saturated or it wont look even in the end. We put the Arctic Fox color on for 30 minutes with a shower cap to make sure the color didn’t move or transfer anywhere.

The color lasts 20-25 washes so you can keep up with the same color b y reapplying or choose a new color.

Here are pictures of the process 🙂

This was her before as she had blonde bangs from previous color fading out.

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