Krystal Hsiung’s UX Portfolio

I’m a UX Designer with a hunger for problem solving and helping people find solutions. Take a look at the latest projects I have been working on.



This project is for a class that is currently in progress. I started with brainstorming and creating mind maps of what app I wanted to create that related to a COVID issue. I decided to design a covid testing app for iOs users where they can self assess their symptoms, get a personalized testing recommendation, and then view testing locations on a map around them. The user can then assess the specific testing location with how far it takes to commute and other metrics about the testing facility: safety protocols, covid testing type, and average historic time, etc.

Journey Maps


This project highlights the responsibility of adopting an adult dog and a puppy. I was inspired by my two adopted dogs and wanted to depict the responsibility and time commitment it took to own both a puppy and adult dog. This would help anyone who was contemplating adopting a dog, by portraying the “level of effort” required and the “satisfaction” level exhibited by my own experiences.

Suicide awareness Information Design

This project was for my data visualization and information visualization course. I extracted data from the CDC on suicide rates, and visualized it within excel to create the three charts/maps on the project.

First DRAFT of Information design infographic

I changed the final version from this version as I needed to show a visual hierarchy of information and I believed the horizontal layout did not effectively visualize the signification of information. I also wanted to add more of an emotional narrative that inspired people who read this infographic to take action and help the further suicide awareness, thus I added subtitles and actions that the reader could take in the final version.